So I hope you've realised that I've completely re-designed my blog! For some time now I've been wanting to move my blog over to a different platform. I never really had many issues using blogger. It was kinda simple It was the only place I thought I could run a blog at the time. However over the years I started to learn the in's and outs of blogging. While my blog is well and truly only really going to be hobby for me, It's also a huge passion of mine which can bring me a little extra cash from time to time. Which I probably take for granted. My blog has given me so many amazing opportunities and I think sometimes we all get a bit lazy and forget to give out blogs a little TLC. When you think about it, your blog is how PR's and fellow bloggers judge you, it's the first impression you make.

Having said this I decided instead of just buying a few layout I'd finally take the plunge and move. I'd never heard of Square space before. Until I clicked on Allie's Blog (Rush&Teal) I loved her simple yet chic layout, her blog looks amazing. It wasn't until she told me she actually runs her blog Via Square space that i decided to have a nose around square space. Now I'm all for messing about and learning HTML and making new things when it came to my blog so I decided to give it a whirl. Last night I ended up staying up until 1am just playing around with the site. While it all seemed very confusing at first, the whole running/creating of everything actually ended up being very simple. I'm obsessed with the whole look and how much nicer it actually is to use to blog. 

If you're interested in making the move I used From Roses Blog post which gives you step by step through the whole process. I found the blog post really helpful from Becca, along with just using the help section on Square space, Which gives you videos and step by step for everything you're after. I'm just praying I have done everything right, and nothing crashes or goes tits up after launch. 

While I've been wanting to do the blog move for some time. I also feel like the move is a bit of motivation for me to move forward and fall in love with my blog again. I miss the days I'd blog all the time, I want that passion and enjoyment back. The blogging community isn't the nicest at the moment. But there really is some real supportive bloggers out there. I've had girls who don't even know me tweet me so much support with my break up. Thats the community I want to be apart of again. So if you're a new reader or a old time reader I hope you will be excited for me to finally enjoy my blog again.