Peggy Porschen grew up in a small village near to Cologne in Germany, Peggy always knew she wanted to become a cake designer.Peggy Discovered the art of 'british Sugar Craft' While working as a flight attendant, a job which lead to regular trips to London. 

So on Monday I made a little trip down to London to get away and well have a bit of breathing space and kinda forget about all the heartache and stress i'd been dealing with the past few weeks. It definitely helped as it kept my mind away from all the troubles. I ate lots of good good, went to some of my favourite sites, and finally visited Peggy Porschen after months of seeing it on all the bloggers instagram. Peggy's is situated just of Victoria station around a 10 minute walk, and right next to Victoria bus station. It was super easy to find when the corner is pink! 


The award-winning cake designer is renowned for making sweet treats for the stars and has designed cakes for everyone, from Stella McCartney’s wedding to Sir Anthony Hopkins’ 70th birthday party.


Luckily the weather held off so we was able to sit outside and admire the London street views just by Victoria Station, as all the black cabs and Londoners walked by. I was so excited to be there that I walked in and made my order not realising it was table service. (oops) However I decided to order the "afternoon tea for one" Which was just enough for me, as I'm not a massive tea drinker, and the Pink Champagne slice of cake but tea and cake was a must at Peggys. I would recommend booking a table, however they don't offer reservations so you may find yourself waiting for a table to be free. Luckily we spotted on on the end and grabbed it before anyone else spotted it. 


So what would I overall rate Peggy Porschen? I'd give it a solid 8/10 The cake was amazing, the cream on top was the bomb, the whole atmosphere and look of the parlour really set the theme. However the service could be a bit better. Would highly recommend for a day out or a girly treat. 

I'd say Peggy Porschen is the perfect place for a treat, or even for the ideal photo opportunity. I really didn't feel alone as it was like a table of photoshoots happening around us. You can also attend the academy and learn all of Peggy's tips and trick to the cake game! I would say the prices are a little expensive which is why I'd suggest the Parlour as more of a treat or as an event. (basically get your instagram content worth) I mean for one cupcake to eat in was £9.40. But hey it may just be me who is a girl that would rather pay £1 for a pack of 4 from ASDA. But of course I have no regrets as the whole trip to London was a treat for me to clear my head, so paying a stupid amount for a cupcake and a pot of tea brought a smile to my face so what more could I want?