The launch of the new Las Iguanas branch over on Temple street. I made my way into Birmingham around 7:30pm excited to try some new and interesting food from a restaurant I was yet to try.



On Wednesday night I went along to the opening event of the new Las Iguanas branch. I've never been to Las Iguanas before so i was excited to try out the food and get the vibes of the restaurant. Las Iguanas is a latin American restaurant which takes the tastes and spices of south America, Indian, Spanish and portuguese all in one place. From outside the restaurant already betrayed a vibrant and active atmosphere. The neon lights and the banging tunes blared from the restaurant. As I entered I was instantly greeted by the hosts and welcomed, while admiring some of the interior that surrounded me. 

I'd definitely say Las Iguanas as a very Turtle Bay kinda vibe, with a Miami edge. The ceiling was filled with branches and leaves, then fairy lights popping their heads out. The walls were filled with words and art painted the whole restaurant in colour, the staff were bouncing around with smiles that added to the room. The whole restaurant had amazing vibes and the staff were super friendly and were always on hand to make sure we were 1000000% happy at all times. 

So first things, first. Cocktails ASAP plz and thnx. Standard me before I even looked at the food I was straight down to the cocktails. it was 2 for 1 on the cocktails so of course it was a must! We ended dup going for the Pina Colda (what a utter classic) then a newbie the Banana Joe! My guilty pleasure is anything to do with bananas. While the Pina Colda was spot on and I could of drank 6 of them, the Banana Joe was a little bit of a let down. It was still a nice drink however the lemon over powered the banana / mango far too much. The cocktails retail at £8.75, and pitchers at £18.95. 

Now for the food! we were offered to try two courses, me being me I had to have my main and a dessert. For the main I really couldn't decide there was so many options I wanted to try. However in the end I settle with the Halloumi Charrasco Skewers £12.95* I do love my halloumi so I was super excited to try Halloumi in another way other than with my cheeky nando's and not in a salad. Now usually I'm not one for peppers, and onions or skewers but I was honestly so in love with the tastes and flavours that came from the mix of vegetables and the honey glass dressing all on one plate. I then also had a side of mixed fries, they offer - Normal fries / sweet potato and cassava fries which were amazing. Then for desert I decided to keep it simple and have some classic Churro's I feel like it's rare you can actually order churros in a restaurant as they are seen as more street food. The churros came on a wooden board with a pot of chocolate and caramel sauce. They were a little hard but still the yummiest sweet treat ever. 

Over all i loved my first ever visit to Las Iguanas the staff were friendly and welcoming, the food was banging and the music was top notch! It's safe to say Las Iguanas is going to be my new favourite places to pop to on my treat day or whenever I'm in need of a cocktail hit! While I dined in the restaurant the bar section of the restaurant looked very entertaining and I'll defiantly be popping back but for my pre drinks before a night out in the future. 

You can find your local Las Iguanas here - 


(disclaimer - all views and opinions are my own I was kindly invited along to the restaurant and had my meals and drinks paid for me on behalf of the restaurant in exchange for a honest review)