This post is well over due - and I apologise! but if you follow me on Instagram, you may of already seen a few months back I went to an event with Friction Free Shaving! (FFS) It was a week night, but when cocktails are involved Chloe is a keen bean. The event was being held at The Alchemist in Birmingham city centre. I'd been meaning to visit The Alchemist for some time now after seeing so many Insta-stories and snapchats of the pretty epic cocktails! 

 Once I arrived I was greeted by the lovely girls at FFS Amber and Melissa! Both girls were super friendly and made us all feel super comfortable and relaxed ready for the evening of fun and cocktails! FFS had sorted out the private room down stairs which allowed all us bloggers to gather around the bar and begin our master class on creating the perfect cocktails! I've been wanting to do a cocktail master class for some time, they've always gotten such good reviews and always end up being a good laugh, and I love a good giggle. 

 We all took it in turns to make 3 cocktails, and I have to say they tasted so good! It was also great to even try something new and create our own little cocktail, which to be honest I think should of been added to the Alchemist menu it was that good! After the fun and one too many cocktails we then had a range of nibbles, and oh my god, the food was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G if theres a way to my heart - it's food. 

But of course the whole evening wasn't just about the cocktails and the food it was about FFS! personally the brand wasn't well known to myself so I found the evening a good eye opener to introduce the brand to myself and the service which FFS provide. These days theres so many subscriptions and sign up's you can go about. You can do it for pretty anything - hey? can't be arsed to cook? subscribe to daily meals to be sent to your door. 

So here's a little more info on FFS "Friction Free Shaving is the first razor delivery service designed exclusively for women. We’re on a mission to make it cleaner, easier and cheaper for you to shave your legs, underarms and any other areas. You sign up and we send you a chic handle, then fresh blades every month meaning you can stay smooth for longer, all for just a few pounds a month." I won't waffle on too much as I think you should all head over to and just read over the website which is literally like your best mate having a chat with you. I'm not going to go too into everything about FFS as I'll be posting my full review of my experience with my FFS razor on Wednesday!