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Whether that’s with a healthy smoothie to kick start your day or letting your inner anarchy begin with a cocktail.

From dawn till dusk we’re here to serve.

It seems like any trip I make now I end up doing my research before I go to make sure I find the best places for all the pictures for the gram! I managed to find "Love Thy Neighbour" when browsing a few Liverpool bloggers. One tip I'd say for any fellow bloggers looking for some cool shots, check out the local bloggers to see where they hang out! But for me "Love Thy Neighbour" was a must see for me! It seems "Love Thy Neighbour" is pretty popular as we spotted the restaurant on a few leaflets throughout the city. So on Saturday morning despite having a dreadful hangover from the night before, we made our way down to Bold Street. 



Once we arrived we walked in and waited to be seated. The waitress took us over to the last empty table in the packed restaurant. It was 11am, prime brunch time! A birthday party was at one end of the room, and a couple having a quiet breakfast were at the other. The restaurant was filled with a range of people all having brunch and a coffee and a few cocktails! hey it was Saturday! 



So first of all let's talk about the atmosphere and the design of the restaurant. Now if you know me, I love a good cactus, well anything greenery let's face it! The whole restaurant was literally instagram worthy. From the neon lights - the leaf print wallpaper. It was a instagrams dream. The whole colour scheme and attention detail was clean and fresh. If I was to open my own restaurant it sure would look as amazing as "Love Thy Neighbour" did. 


FOOD! Now I won't lie I was only going for the gram, however with a nasty hangover food was a must Saturday morning! we decided to go for the "Full All Day Breakfast" I mean come on a full English is a must when you have a hangover. "Full - £8.95 Poached or fried eggs, sausage, bacon, mushroom, tomato, hash brown, black pudding, baked beans, sourdough" For me the food wasn't a 10/10. I'd like to give the food 7/10 I found the portion size small, (hey may be me being greedy) two - my bread was so hard I couldn't even cut it with my knife. I only had one sausage. (while Dalton got two) I was fuming about this because I do love my sausage. Over all I just found the full English very plain, and not very tasty. Also for £8.95 basically a £9 breakfast I expected to be wowed. 

DRINK! Now something they got right was the drinks! sadly I didn't try a cocktail (it was just too soon) However I did have a smoothie! I went for the "Energising Smoothie - Apples / Pineapple / Spinach / Avocado" This was amazing an just what I needed to perk myself up! I also had a Latte! this was also great! I loved the overall prevention of the coffee, in a glass on a wooden tray made the whole drink very unique. 

So overall? I have to say I loved my experience at "Love Thy Neighbour" The whole restaurant was beautiful and you could tell a lot of detail had gone into everything.The staff were friendly but seemed very rushed off their feet. I probably wouldn't go back for the food but for the drinks and the scene your surrounded by I'll be back.