What age is really the right age? why is there expiry dates on when you can have children? pushing it to get married? I remember growing up telling myself I wanted to be married and with one kid by twenty three. Here I am now, Twenty Three, a matter of months off being twenty four and having a kid or even a lad in my life seems so far away. But why is there always so much pressure to meet someone and settle down? we surround ourselves with people who may be in relationships and talking about their next life steps. But your just not there yet. Oh hello doubt and that shitty feeling comes knocking at your door.

It’s like getting a nice car, or your own home with a mortgage it’s a right of passage when it comes to lie to find someone, marry them and have kids. However this is something that isn’t in fact a right of passage at all. All of them steps within life, are in fact options. You don’t need to have a kid before 30, have a kid at 33. You can stay living at home till your 30, wait until you can afford it and feel ready.

I wanted to write this post because I feel like I’m surrounded my friends and family that have rushed back into relationships and commitments just to feel okay. To be loved. However it is perfectly okay to be alone and single and to do what you want for a while, fuck the rules live your life, how you want to.


I always find myself giving myself long periods of time to myself to allow myself to get over ex’s or even hard periods in my life. for example the start of the year I stopped seeing someone, then I had a bad time when it came to my job. So finding a partner just wasn’t a focus for me at that time. I built myself up again, I sorted my mental health. I became happier with myself and my career before I decided to turn my attention to dating again. Which leads me to now, here I am speaking to someone I see a future with, my career going well. But overall i’m genuinely happy with how things are going for me. But I could only get to this point in my life if it wasn’t for giving myself the time I needed to fix my issues. Now don’t get me wrong I don’t think I’ll be getting a mortgage or having a baby in the next year, but I’m doing me at my speed.


So stop stressing if you don’t want to be with someone right now, or if it’s not the right time. Your time will come, and when it does it will all just fit perfectly. The good thing about meeting people now, it’s got nothing to do with age. It’s okay to have a marriage, long term relationship break down. Senior dating is available, and you aren’t alone. But also it could in fact be the time to meet your soul mate at the age of 40+. The good thing about senior dating sites is that they are separate to the likes of Tinder, Bumble etc. I definitely agree that these sites are more aimed at younger audiences, so maybe the older generation to feel more of a doubt when it comes to meeting someone and entering the dating world again. I do think senior dating needs to be discussed further and advertised more. There are so many sites such as Glasgow dating, and Fife Dating available but it’s just not discussed enough. So remember no matter your age or stage in life. Don’t give up or put yourself down for not being at the same stage as the people that surround you. Move at your own phase and you’ll get there in the end.

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