Home, home is where you return after a hard day at work, it’s the place you feel safe, comfortable, and free. Home is share you return after your relationships ends. Home is the once place on earth where you should feel happy and content, because it’s home.

We like to make sure our home stylish, and surrounded by everything we love, and what inspires and motivates us.. I spend a lot of time in my room, and my dressing room. So I like these spaces to reflect my personality, and that inspires me to grow and relax. I’ve discovered a lot of my home inspiration for my bedroom from Pinterest, and instagram. Seeing inspiration from other people allows me to take what I like and adapt it into my own little creation. Whenever I’m out I’m always picking up little bits and bobs to add into my space to add that little touch. I also bloody love a trip to IKEA and start planning my whole future house and to what it could be. Oh and who doesn’t love the candles in there?


The main few items I really want to update when it comes to my space is - my bed, my side table, and my dressing room completely! As much as i’m content with what it is, I know I could probably organise it so much more to really work with the space, it’s a box room but could easily be opened more if I was willing to get rid of a few clothes of course! Seems as my job actually involves me using space management to organise stock but when it comes to my own clothing / crap I’m actually useless. While I still have all these little home updates I want to to do to my current space, I’ve also began to look into what I want my future home to look like. Because, why not?


If you know me, you’ll know I have a huge love for all things greenery, such as cactuses, big leaf plants, I just love the pop of colour and just natural life that can be added to a room through the use of a plant.


While it’s all well and good adding plants into the home I also love the idea of having huge bi-fold doors which open out onto the garden from https://www.threecountiesltd.co.uk. I honestly couldn’t think of anything better than having all that natural greenery shine through into the home, along side the natural day light to open up the room. Being a blogger you’re always looking for the perfect lighting. So the use of a bi-folding door would become so useful! When I get my own home, I want ti to be very white and have pops of colour in each room to make it, it’s own and to stand out yet be unique in it’s own way. it’s amazing what you can create from such blank canvas.


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