growing up and seeing the reality.


As a little girl you grow up already planning your future. From what house you’ll live in to what wedding dress or dream job you’ll get. Ever since I was younger I began planning my dream wedding. However it soon began to change as I grew older and the fairy tales I saw soon became less of reality but more of a dream world compared to what could actually be achieved in the real world.

It first began with I wanted a wedding on a beach, in a different country, small but intimate. tropical trees and cocktails up on arrival and a number of personalised wedding favours  to really make the day very intimate and personal to me. But of course being young I thought this was achievable however after growing up a bit and watching one too many “don’t tell the bride” I’ve come to realise it’s one - very expensive to have a wedding abroad, two - you only get a number of people who could actually make the commute to the other country. Three - sand irritates me on holiday so having it on my wedding day would be a big no.

Isn’t it funny how now I’d actually be happy with a small intimate wedding in a woods, surrounded by fairy lights and I know I can have all my family there. As we grow older our imagination and goals all change. I mean who is to even say I’ll actually get married? But of course when we are younger, money doesn’t play a big part in our lives, we think money has no object. It’s as we get older that rather than the dream wedding day or occasion it’s more of what I can afford to make it work. That’s why getting wedding budget tips is a great way to achieve all of the little details you dreamed of.


With Christmas approaching the is also another dream we all hold, we hope we can get the perfect present for our friends and family. We always dream of the perfect Christmas morning. This year I’ve decided to make my Christmas more personal with personalised Christmas gifts. As I’ve grown older I’ve realised the difference between a large amount being spent or the actual thought. My nan and grandad say it every year but this year it’s a reality for me and I want to give more personalised and handmade gifts to really show how much they mean to me. This is also a great way to save money but small your gift giving.

Over all I wanted this post to be a reflection on my past and my old dreams and more new real dreams which I hope to achieve and get in my life.

What dreams did you have as a child that have now flipped due to reality?


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