I thought it was about time I updated you all on where I’m at when it comes to my dating life. it’s been a few months since I’ve discussed it, but to be brutally honest. There’s not been too much to share. I’ve gotten to this stage where I’m content and really focused on work at the moment. Going back to H&M has made me really motivated and enjoy work again. But also where I want to go next with my career. So throwing myself into my work is a priority. But of course I will need to meet a man at some point, it is boyfriend season after all!

So what’s been happening? I’ve been on a few dates. I stupidly fell for a fuck boy who managed to fool me. I thought he was open and honest but it seems he was another boy too scared of commitment. and I just wasn’t the girl who was going to stop him from going to the pub EVERY NIGHT. I have to admit this knocked me a bit as I let my guard down with him and the loss of our communication did hurt. But I pulled myself together and remembered who I was, and that no fuck boy was going to bring me down. It’s all well and good wanting no strings dating. But you need to be up front from the start about this when dating someone.

Apart from that mani date I’ve kept myself low. I considered breaking a friendship for more. But decided they definitely aren’t for me. I think when you’ve been single for a while also any attention can make you feel like you may like someone more than you think. When in reality you just enjoy the attention they give you. But that’s where naughty dating comes in and you can enjoy getting the attention without the pressure of starting a new relationship with the person. I’ve recently let my hair down when it comes to this. Before I’d be very strict when it comes to seeing people but it not being serious. You can enter this style of dating by visiting adult dating sites.

But of course if we wanna put all our cards on the table and just get yourself some dick. You can of course visit sex sites, such as - Essex sex and Cumbria sex. While this isn’t something I’d openly go out for. As I prefer to date someone and if it nessisarily doesn’t go down the relationship route but you still fancy each other, why not have some fun with them still? This is risky business as you can be torn and you really need to keep your feelings at bay. Luckily this is something I’ve mastered.

So I guess you could say I’m at that stage where I’m going with the flow, I’ll go on a date as long as it isn’t a waste of my time, but also if a date doesn’t go well. I’ll see the positive or what could come of it.



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