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It’s never obvious by now that me and leopard print are having a very active afraid. It’s almost healing the fact I don’t have a boyfriend as I get very excited when I see a new piece in the shops. Leopard print is a print you can either make work, or look like a right mutten dressed as lamb. It’s a real hit or miss. Hopefully I’ve been doing okay as I’d say a good 5/7 days of the week I’ll be seen in leopard print. As you will have seen on my instagram I recently picked up the Stacey Solomon X PRIMARK skirt which is bright green with leopard, and it’s my new fav piece in my wardrobe.

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I know the whole snake print is slowly sneaking into the shops but for me it’s just not been a trend I’ve jumped on. Don’t get me wrong I’ve looked and tried on a number of pieces but I’ve not found that piece that gets me as excited about an outfit like all of my leopard pieces have. The problem with snake print for me is that it’s very limited. I don’t feel you could wear the print with a range of colours like leopard print which you can wear with, brown, black, grey, yellow, print, all the colours really. However I feel the snake effect isn’t a long lasting one.

The guys at LOVEDROBE Kindly got in touch to work together, and select a few items from the website. While I do range from a size 14-18 I don’t often shop at actual plus size stores. However it would probably make my life a whole lot easier! especially when it comes to shopping for bottoms. Like seriously the struggle of having a huge ass but a small waist is a actual nightmare. Oh and even more of a bloody war when it comes to co ords. Size 14 top yet I need a 18 or even a 20 bottom.

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