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Well hello! here is my third look from my lookbook with INTHESTYLE for the new Dani Dyer collection. If you aren’t too sure on who Dani is, have a read and a nose at my previous look I shared. When I first got to pick from the collection and I spotted the snake print I knew there had to be a piece for me. The snake print trend has really blown up over the past month. And while I’ve really wanted to jump on it, because let’s face it me and leopard print are doing each others head in now. I just haven’t found that piece that I felt I could make work into my wardrobe for my body shape! Being a size 16/18 you do have to be careful with prints, they may look pretty but also may do nothing for you.

Luckily this shirt is just what I wanted. The fit is the same to the brown dock dot one from my previous post. So you can wear it off the shoulder like I did or forward as I did in this post. On the site Dani has tied hers and tucked into jeans which also is a die for loo which I’ll be doing with both of the shirts! It is very oversized, so do be careful to not size up, you won’t need it! The shirt retails for £27.99 However ITS have currently started early with their Black Friday deals and you can get ti for £24.99!

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