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Goodbye October! You’ve been a treat rather than a trick! I have to admit October is one of my favourite months of the year. I love everything to do with Halloween and getting into the Autumn spirt! I spent my October really getting into the Halloween spirt. May it be picking pumpkins, or getting pumpkin spice lattes.

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I’ve decided at the end of every month i’m going to share all the pictures and tell you what I got up to for the month. I love reading these posts and I feel it will be a great way to show a little more about what I get up to.

So the start of the month started off by focusing on work. We had the William Morris x HM collection in work and I was so excited to get stuck in and I even got a few pieces from the collection. I shared my look on instagram and everyone fell in love! With the weather also getting a lot colder this month, it drove me to really think about my autumn content and the looks I wanted to create. Me and Kirsty have really got stuck into shooting this month! In fact we went to a pumpkin patch twice! I mean was you a true blogger this month without going to one? After failing at one pumpkin patch we managed to find the perfect one in Owestry called Llynclys Farm Shop! so if you’re in Wales, or Shropshire i’d highly recommend for next year!

While shooting we made a trip to Planet Doughnut in Shrewsbury! one of my favourites for a little treat! they had a pumpkin flavour doughnut, and oh boy it was to die for! I also went to one of my favs Bills twice this month! First with my grandad as we went to see The Cirque Du Soleil it was a great show! sadly I have no pictures as you wasn’t allowed to film anything! I then went to Bills again with my friend before we hit up Brum for a night out for Birmingham. I decided to keep it simple this year and was a cat. I just couldn’t find anything to truly top last years dead princess costume. However the night out taught me i’m not 18 anymore and I cannot drink anymore, haha.

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MY GOALS FOR NEXT MONTH | well For November i’ll be getting fully stuck into all of my Christmas displays at work, as it’s one of the busiest times of the year. But Over October I’ve worked hard to build up my instagram again and I’ve managed to gain almost 300 followers in the past two weeks. So I hope to continue with this along with doing a few more brand collaborations! Oh and I want to get my Christmas shopping done!