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Probably not a post you was expecting from me, however food/resturant reviews are actually something I use to do a lot before. And to be honest, I’ve missed it. I love exploring new cities and the best part is the food. Whenever it comes to me going away I’ll always do my research to find some cute places to go for food! Even if it’s just for a instagram shot! You can see some of my previous food post / admiring pretty locations here. I mean let’s be serious? who doesn’t love food? well I sure as hell love it!

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The gang at Delicious PR kindly invited me along to Three Church Road to review the new Christmas Afternoon tea which is due to launch this Saturday (1st December) You can view the full menu here. The afternoon tea includes all the favourites of Christmas time such as mulled wine jelly, and cranberry and Wensleydale sandwiches! Finger ones of course! The afternoon tea retails for £22.50 each! However you can pay to upgrade it get fancy with the Prosecco.

When we arrived we were greeted to a glass of the fizzy stuff then taken on a tour of Three Church Road. Three Church Road restaurant is located in the elegant Audley St George’s Place retirement village, in the heart of leafy Edgbaston. Easily accessible via road or public transport, it’s the perfect destination for those seeking to escape the office, or for those wanting a special meal out. The building is stunning, every room you walk into you can see a new story un told on the walls and within the deco of the room. My favourite had to be the pink room. It was instagram goals, which lead me to have my picture taken on the sofa and hold up the whole group. oops. At Three Church Road they also have a gym, and a swimming pool. Which looked oh so dreamy I just wanted to lounge around with a cocktail and admire the peace.

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After the tour we then made our way into one of the dining rooms and admired the tea menu. Because what’s an afternoon tea without tea right? Once we’d ordered our tea, I decided to go for a classic English breakfast tea. Now for food! it was approaching 3pm and your girl was peckish. We started off with the sandwiches, they were all so nice. I was shocked how much I enjoyed the cranberry and Wensleydale sandwich, I’m not really a cranberry fan. There was also a Earls grey cucumber sandwich. However I gave it a pass as cucumber isn’t my fav. But the reviews of everyone on the table was that the brown look of the cucumber was very off putting and the taste was no different. The ham and mustard was again a standard typical classic and did not disappoint. There was also a salmon blini, I’d need actually tried a blini before I’d had cooked salmon before but forgot how much I liked it. for the sandwiches I’d give them a 8/10 just wish I could of had more!

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Now for the sweet stuff! I have a huge sweet stuff, so it killed me to not be naughty and have the dessert first. But oh boy was they worth the wait! Gingerbread star biscuit, a classic. However the ginger flavouring was very subtle but this was something I preferred. Mulled wine jelly,I wouldn’t say it screamed mulled wine flavouring however it definitely had a tinge of the flavour. Was super yummy and probably the most well presented jelly I’d ever had! Chocolate orange macaroon. Can a macaroon ever do any wrong? White chocolate snow ball. Now this bad boy I could have ate a box of. as soon as I took a bite I was obsessed. it literally melted in my mouth, and it had to be the most perfect white chocolate id ever had!

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Then to finish off the afternoon tea we ended it with scones. You wouldn’t usually associate scones with Christmas but more of a summer treat. However warm scones with clotted cream and tiny jars of jam was the perfect end to the afternoon tea. There was cranberries and orange zest flavour. However Decided to go for a plain one, because you can’t go wrong with a classic. After one scone I was stuffed and could of happily gone down to the pool for a nap.

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So, what’s the verdict is it worth £22.50? I’d say so. The quality and the treatment you get from the staff and being surrounded by the amazing deco was everything I’d want from a afternoon tea. I see afternoon tea’s as a treat, and I felt spoil the whole time I was there. The food was a solid 9/10 and I would happily go back again. Luckily the guys at Three Church have gifted me with a day pass for the spa and for a massage. This I’m very excited about as I’ve never had one before! If you would like to go explore and try the menu at Three Church Road the bar and restaurant is open to the public. You can seethe full details on the website or call them on 01212380803.