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Christmas time, it’s officially in full swing, and wow aint it come fast, this year I’m spending it alone unless I can find a man to be the boyfriend for Christmas, then maybe my birthday then we’ll strangely break up because let’s face it we all get a little lonely around this time of the year. I’m very guilt of this and I’ve always been pretty open about it when discussing my love life with friends and colleagues. I mean why do we beat around the bush anymore? What’s the need?

Whenever I’m single and it happens to fall around this time of year the sudden dread of being alone when it comes to Christmas, bonfire night, and New Years soon draws in and the hate of not going on all them dates then begins to take it’s toll again. Here I am now, I’ve been fine dating, not taking life too serious, then bam. I now had the sudden urge to find a partner in crime to do all the little activities there is around this time of the year. There’s so much you can do around this time of year, but suddenly everyone becomes busy, or has their own partners they want to do stuff with which means you have to take a back seat. So finding a fellow partner to enjoy all the trips and adventures with is something I need to tick off before the 25th of the December. Then it’s happy days for me!

This time of year also offers a lot of opportunities to explore and meet new people as you do genuinely end up going out a little bit more. Office parties, nights out, Christmas shopping you’ll find the population expand and the amount of people you cross grow. Especially this time of year it encourages all ages of people to step out and explore dating within the season! senior dating site is something I touched on before, and I fully love supporting my older friends/colleagues who begin taking on the new adventure of dating again.

With dating being more popular this time of year, I also find myself exploring new cities or going to my favourite local ones, which then lead me to some very random matches. It always gets a little awkward when you’re really feeling a lad, then he drops the bomb he’s from Essex and was just up here for a night out. But nw you’ve matched and here you are questioning if you want to commit to the travel. I always question if there’s more local dating sites for my area, seems as there’s dating sites in Essex. I mean I really could do with a Essex dating site as I’d love to move down south, so maybe the man of my dreams could be the opportunity and dream I’ve been waiting for! I am considering planning a little trip down south, so this is where these dating sites could infect come in handy when I go away on my little adventures.

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