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It’s been a while since I’ve updated you all on my love life and all the excitement it is filled with, cough I wish haha. but there is indeed a few updates. But also I wanted to discuss the pressure we face around this time of year to suddenly be with someone, or start going on dates. So let’s get right into it! with an update on all things to do with my love life! So November, I went on a night out and ended up meeting a guy. We hit it off and got on so well, that in fact forgot I was out with my friends and ended up spending the night with him. He was a mutual friend and we ended back at our friends and then spent the rest of the night watching Netflix and discussing a first date. It felt like one of them situations where you kinda don’t believe it was all happening. I don’t have much luck meeting a guy on a night out. Don’t get me wrong I get the odd snog on the dance floor and a good grab of the ass all the time. But when it comes to meeting a lad and actually getting to know him and having a laugh that is rare. So the next morning after 2 hours of sleep we took the abuse from our mates down stairs before saying goodbye. So next? the waiting game…will he text? will we actually go on that date we discussed?

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Well he did text, an impressive 30 minutes after we had said goodbye I recieved a text from him. And from there we continued to talk until we went on the date the following Friday. The date went great and we then went on a further few…until it sadly just fizzled out. While we got along so well, I found myself forcing myself to text him back and to find him interesting. I decided in the end I had to say enough was enough and that I one shouldn’t string the poor lad along, two If I feel I can do/meet someone else who will make me more excited, bloody go for it and don’t hold back.

Which then leads me onto my next subject of dating around this time of year. So as the title says…do you want a boyfriend for Christmas or just attention? You will of probably heard of the phase “winter boyfriend” it’s like as soon as it gets a little colder, we suddenly think we need to find another human to keep us warm. Well girls remember hats and scarfs work just as well, but of course this time of year just makes us want to be in a relationship. November - December is full of events which require people. So when your friends are busy having a boyfriend would be ideal to drag along to all the festive activities. Such as visiting other Christmas markets. I’d love to go to Belfast at Christmas to explore the city and to see exactly how they celebrate Christmas. But also why not try out Belfast dating you can beat going to a new place and seeing how is on tinder or who pops up while you’re away. So is the reason we want to get into a relationship at Christmas because of all the festive activities that make us feel slightly lonely? But do you really want a relationship or just the attention and friendship of having someone to do stuff with? I’ve settled on another single Christmas because I’m getting on and I want to meet someone who i’m obsessed with again.