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When it comes to Christmas my favourite part has to be all the decorations, markets, lights, shows, everything that really makes Christmas that bit more magical and colourful. This year Ive been all about going and exploring my favourite spots, and exploring new ones on the go! I recently went to London ad it was basically a whole day dedicated to finding the best Christmas spots all for the pleasure of instagram. I mean who doesn’t want a photo in front of a massive tree, or massive baubles. Well I do.

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First stop was Somerset house. There you will find The most beautiful, but not too much Christmas tree, followed by a ice ring. If you’re a fashion blogger, or just a lover of fashion you will know Somerset house for being the one stop on fashion week, you’ll spot the odd celeb but also get the perfect shot of your outfit. I love Somerset house, it’s just so stunning and the cobbles the whole place sort of takes you out of London just by stepping off the street. I’d highly recommend popping down before the tree and ice ring go!

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NEXT UP is Les Senteurs which is a perfumery shop in London. I first discovered this hop after theKittyluxe posted her classic blogger photo. When we was there, a number of people kept stopping to look at the amazing display. Something that I loved in London was the effort a number of stores and homes went to, just to get into the festive spirit.

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NOW FOR MY PERSONAL FAV…The Ivy I mainly know of the Ivy because I mayor watched one too many episodes of made in Chelsea, where the stars are forever having brunch and gossiping in the beautiful restaurant. But if I was to pick my favourite location, it had to be The Ivy. However getting perfect shot was a challenge due to all the people trying to also get a shot in from of the beautiful deco.

Now, that’s London ticked off. Let’s look a bit further up north. Manchester, I absolutely obsessed with that massive Santa, I’m mentioning Manchester Christmas Market as it’s closer to home but also who doesn’t love a Christmas market? I also like that Manchester’s Christmas market is a lot more open compared to some where it can be far too much of a squeeze. Also who doesn’t want a cheeky shot with that massive Santa in the background? It’s also a great place to go on a date! I’ve had a number of dates at Christmas markets and there always such a laugh and of course great food. So maybe give Manchester dating a go when you’re there.


And now…for my last little tip if you can’t get to any of these locations. just go for a walk around your local town, or city and explore any shop windows, or houses that have gone them extra mile. I mean all you need is a few fairy lights and a bit of tinsel and a photo will install look a little more festive!