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Panache Lingerie is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of D plus lingerie. For nearly 30 years, our commitment to innovation and inspired thinking has gained us an excellent reputation for fit, technical ability and quality. CLEO by Panache’s vibrant on trend collection is designed for the more fashion conscious; those who simply can’t resist bright colours, fun designs and bold prints. And whilst the range is designed to be original and fun there’s no compromise on fit, offering amazing support and comfort for larger bust sizes to flatter every shape.

Well, I bet you wasn’t expecting to see me prancing around in my bra and my favourite pair of jeans. But here I am in all my glory. Being a size 16/18 girl and being asked to pick out a set and showcase it in your own way is always nerve racking. I previously showcased a bra from another brand and I was so nervous to share the images. But luckily the response was so lovely. Which was why when the guys at Panache asked to pick out a set I couldn’t say no at the opportunity. After looking at the collection I decided to go for the Lazy Triangle bra set from the Cleo range. I’m absolutely love the look of triangle bras. However being a size DD cup it can be a real struggle to get a triangle bra to keep my boobs at bay and not let them jump out of the basket. Luckily this bad boy from Panache is a angel from above as it keeps them tucked away. I love the shape and cut of the bra, I’ve never felt so flattered and comfortable in a bra. Then for the pants, I wish I was confident enough to share a ass picture. But I’ll give you my word the briefs make my ass look amazing! what else could you ask for from a pair of pants?

You can shop my set and more here.

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