I feel like over the past 5 years while working for two big fashion retailers my style has always been a little swayed. The problem with working in clothing stores is, you look at a piece of clothing for so long you end up liking it for the sake of it. This comes even more when you have to wear the brand as 'uniform' so over the past 5 years I've felt very impacted on what I buy and how I do my own twist of the trends from my experience with working in a clothing store. 

Having left the torture of retail I've found myself exploring fashion again but to my own opinion, and no influence of my work place impacting my choices. While it's only been a month I can already see how much my own personal style is adapting to what I like, and just what I like. Luckily I've taken quite a fancy to a smart wear, I'm currently obsessed with Blazers, coloured blazers, checked blazers, all the blazers! 

Above are a few options I've got my eye on for payday! like how amazing is the black pin stripe blazer? the thing I love most about a blazer is being able to just throw it with a dress, or my leather paper was it trousers and look smart but chic all at the same time! another item I'm currently investing in is basics. I feel like basics kinda get forgotten until, they go missing or you realise you don't have a plain white tee. For me I'm currently looking into investing in my staple fashion printed tees. Below are a few I'm loving. 

I feel like I'm able to start again and dress to how I like and explore other retailers again. I love having outfits full of different brands, being able to take different pieces from different places to create your own look is the whole point of personal style. In my above outfit you can see I took a very smart jacket and paired it with some edgy/casual trousers which you wouldn't really put with a smart jacket. But I made it work to my style. I clashed y love of smart with my edgy casual side. It's all about experimenting and building up your looks to suit you. Also let's just appreciate the bargains this jacket was from the Zara sale £80 and I got it for £20! winner, winner chicken dinner kids!