2018, my year.



situations can sometimes get so bad, you start to doubt yourself, despite knowing your worth and exactly you can bring to the table. Even if they can't see it.



always know the difference between, what you're getting, and what you're worth. 




If you follow me on my other social platforms such as twitter / Instagram you will of seen that left my previous job at Riverisland.  I thought I'd address it as I had a few people were very shocked I'd left, or even moved away from retail all together in the end. I'm not going to be bad mouthing the company but telling you guys how I decided to take the jump in which I quit my job, with no other job in the pipeline because I decided I had to have more respect for myself.

So, it's December time, it's the big build up to Christmas, I'm working in a shopping centre that allows crazy people to come shopping until 11pm at night. (yes what a joke) I'm a Ladies Product Manager, my floor is constantly getting trashed and we don't have enough stock of the new trends coming in to maintain any of the merchandising. On top of having a busy work load, you work with a bunch of un-supportive and rude A*****e's. 

Now I'm not saying the stress of Christmas and having no respect all got too much. I'm saying for the 13 months of being in the company. I was made to feel like I wasn't apart of the management team nor was I spoke to like a 23 year old woman, more like I was 12 and I had no experience. despite being a manager for another high street retailer for 4 years before. 

I'd already set myself a goal for the new year to be in a new job by February. I'd had enough, everyday I felt victimised, from being left out of mangers meetings, to being pulled up on stuff other mangers had done, but somehow I was to blame. It always became apparent I wasn't very welcome or part of the brown nose crew. The thing is when you're in a work place and even the staff notice how badly you're getting treated, it's not. place you want to be around. 

As I said previously I'd already worked previously for another retailer. I gained loads of experience which allowed me to move into a new company and explore more opportunities which pushed me after 4 years to make the jump into Riverisland. Landing the role I was so pleased. It soon came apparent the role wasn't what was 'sold' to me at all. But a cover up for a high paid sales advisor, and someone to deal with the shit. 

Visual Merchandising was a passion of mine, it was a job I fell into but I ended up adoring. However at Riverisland the opportunities were next to none, they had far too many roles and not enough respect to section of the roles so people knew their place. 

I bet you get the gist now that I was very unhappy, and being treated very poorly. It all came to ahead the middle of December where I had a incident with two other managers which lead me to finally stand up for myself and no longer put up with the shit of the workplace. I wrote out my notice, I felt so empowered and instantly happy knowing I was escaping from it. I HAVE 4+ years in merchandising experience, however that one work place managed to make me doubt all of my skills and experience to if I was good enough to do the role anymore. This was something that was proven when I went to other stores though, I had constant good feedback. Which was never praised. 

Now I wouldn't recommend quitting your job, but for me it was the best decision I made because it gave me the kick up the arse to follow my dreams of stepping into the world of social media management / PR. I'm now in a role I enjoy with a normal working pattern! (beautiful Monday-friday) Also the only reason I actually smashed my new job (two weeks after handing my notice in) was all thanks to my blog. It's amazing the interest and skills its shows from you owning your own blog. I'm so thankful to where my little blog has got me this year and the opportunities that I'm currently working on. I wanted to write this post so if theres anyone else who's stuck in a job whether it be the work place, the people, the wage that gets you down remember your worth. because no one should be made to feel worthless, useless or to good enough in a workplace. Aim high not low.