As a women it's almost up to you to sort out the contraception. "are you on the pill?" is probably the most common used question asked by a bloke before the deed is done for the first time. 




It's been a year now since I decided to stop taking 'the pill' I first went on the pill when I was 16, while being in my first serious sexual relationship I wanted to be save. I booked my doctors appointment behind my parents back, and hid my pill packet in my knickers draw. I remember the chat with my ex like it was yesterday. "you should go and get on the pill" now I look back and think "why the fuck should I have to sort the contraception" Still to this day (I'm now 23) I've had a few sexual partners who have all said the same. (lol me sounding like a right little slut giving her fairy to anyone)

Now I have no issue with going on the pill for a form of contraception, it's easy and stops the main issue which we all want to avoid 'pregnancy' However how many people know about all the options men have for contraception? Probably because they only have two options. Jonny, or have surgery. Two different ends of the spectrum really. Yet for women we have 12 options to stop us from getting pregnant and of course STD's (however not all 12 prevent this) Contraception is something I feel strongly about. These days there are far too many kids having kids. (let's not discuss Kylie Jenner) so me saying this why did I decide to stop taking my contraception I'd been taking for 7 years?

Well it's simple really. Being a girl is fucking hard. One minute you're minding your own business all fine, then oh I feel a bit lonely oh god, no one loves me, I hate my life. OH LOOK IM NOW AN EMOTIONAL MESS. This is just an example of a mood swing that can come on out of no where. I for one get irritated very easily. I'll also openly admit I'm a moody ass bitch. Over the past year a lot of research and women came out about the fact that the pill had effected them in many ways - from anxiety being through the roof to depression taking over. For me I always knew I suffered with really bad anxiety and mood swings where I'd flip at people for no reason. 

So one day I turned to my ex and told him I want to come off the pill to see if it helps me. Of course being a bloke he wasn't that keen as it meant he needed to start using a condom. I'd always recommend having the chat with your partner before coming off the pill or any contraception. Let's not go trapping men into having a child now girls. I was quite lucky as my period started again instantly and I went back into a routine of once a month. Now it wasn't instantly but I slowly started to notice a difference in my mood, my energy and my overall attitude. I perked up more. I argued less with my ex. I was just over all a lot nicer person to deal with. It was my best decision for my body to come off the pill. In the end the pill was just bringing my body down. I gained weight, and I gained a nasty dark hole of depression and self doubt all the time. 

I use to suffer with really bad periods at a younger age to the point I had days off school. as I've got older they have eased and the pill did help them dramatically. Coming off the pill this was a concern for me if my periods would go back to the pain they use to be again. Luckily it seems my body has out grown all the bad pain, and well has a more peaceful period shall we say?I still have my first day of being a sweaty mess, and having to take deep breathes when I have a stomach cramp. But they are manageable. 

Something that concerned me also was what do I do if I decide to not go back on the pill? at the moment in time I won't be going back on the pill, I've lost weight since the pill and of course my mental state is so much better off, that I wouldn't want to do it back to my body again.  Also now being single it's nice that I'm giving my body a good cleanse. I'm sure in the future when I decide to get into a committed relationship I'll look through my options, however for me and the pill it's the end of the road. 


I'd love to know your experiences off / on the pill -