- Hilary Clinton 

"To all the little girls who are watching, never doubt that you are valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world to pursue and achieve your own dreams."


BRA - Hunkemöller £25 GIFTED*

Female empowerment, something you'll be seeing a lot of now. Why? because women have come a long way since the days we weren't allowed to vote, go to work, or even think about having an opinion within the world. Look at us now, we have a female prime minister, international women day, same sex pay and so much more celebrated all over the world by both men and women, and damn women are making changes in some many different ways. 

When I first received this Bra Hunkemoller I thought about doing your standard flat lays, but I thought no. I've seen so many women across my feeds embracing their bodies and being proud of their body shapes. I wanted to embrace my body and be proud. I'm a size 16 but I can still pose in lingerie. 

My favourites have been Holly @ The Kitty Luxe I love Holly's Instagram feed and I'm just obsessed with how she showcased her lingerie shots.

Then there's Becca Rose, Becca is a girl I relate to and I have so much respect and happiness that she's started posting these sort of posts despite not being a size 6. And guess what she looks bloody amazing!

Callie Thorpe. Callie is a blogger I've been following for sometime now, she's the ultimate curvy girl Inspo. Callie has never been shy to embrace her body. She's my ultimate girl crush and always inspires me to embrace my own body. 

Grace Francesca, now if you don't follow this girl, you need to ASAP. Grace is the ultimate girl power ambassador. I live for her daily outfit shots, and her daily advice with anything from anxiety to just being okay with yourself. 

Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 14.01.30-side.png

I think it's really important to embrace and appreciate the women you surround yourself with. While I've never met any of the women above, these are the women that fill my feed daily and constantly inspire and motivate me to embrace and love my own body. Their not perfect, you're not perfect, and I'm defiantly not perfect but we're all women who should support one another. 

That's why for this post I shot myself in a different way, I went back to my roots of self shooting. And I loved every moment of it. I was expecting myself to walk away hating my body, hating all the shots. But I actually walked away so inspired and happy with my body. The above women helped me to feel that way. 

Anyway I should probably talk about the actual bra now right? The bra was kindly gifted to me from Hunkemoller, from the Netherlands, specialising in underclothes and lingerie. The company was founded in 1886 in Amsterdam as a special shop for corsets. When I was asked to choose a bra from Hunkemoller I knew Black was going to be my go to. I live in black bras. After all I do wear a lot of black! Over at Hunkemoller they have a wide range of Bra's for every fit! I went for the 'Diva' fit bra. Over all I've found the bra to be super comfy, Also the detailing on the bra is so pretty that it makes for a perfect bra under a blouse for that cheeky little show. If you want to know what fit is best for you, Hunkemoller actually offer a quick guide to help you find that perfect fit for your boobies!