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It's been a while since my last home interior post, so I thought it was over due especially as its something I've become pretty interested in, as my room as had complete change since some previous snaps have been shared with you guys. So let's catch up, I currently have two rooms. Yes a little over the top, like come on Chloe don't be greedy now. But let me clarify. One is my bedroom, you know got the bed and my tv in. Then the other has my desk, rails of clothes and draws of products and yes more clothes. I only ended up having two rooms after my brother moved out and I was able to spread my belongings through the house. The past month I've flipped the rooms so that I now have my bed in the smaller room and my clothing in the bigger room, like fashion priorities right there. 

For me I like stuff that's different, unique and stand out. I'm currently in the works of creating my own picture wall. By doing this I'm using a range of prints, and Instagram pictures of my own to great a wall of prints to really match my personally. I also use this as a great little DIY to get some blocks of colour in a accent into the room. Another love of mine when it comes to deco is skulls, I'm obsessed with this deer skull from Etsy. Like I need this on my wall as soon as possible. 

Now on to another love of mine which has to be pillows. Like I'm sorry if you don't love all the pillows on your bed what are you even doing. It's the ultimate comfort zone. I love the colour of this blush pink pillow that really sit nicely on a grey blank duvet and really pop within the bedroom setting. 

I previously mentioned wanting to move out, this is still the case and I know I keep saying it but I think for me it's going to have to happen in the next year or two. I'm reaching my mid twenties and I want to be independent. I want to stroll the house naked, I want to leave a mess and tidy it up when I can be bothered. I want all them perks of living alone and being able to do everything on your own terms. 

Of course with moving it can get a little stressful, recently my brother moved and it was all kinds of being up and down for a while before finally being settled, I'll definitely need to look into moving house with a cat, as while it can be stressful for a human imagine the stress it can leave on the animals as they enter a new environment for the first time. I think I have a lot to get organised before I consider the move, especially deciding on a location. For me I've always decided when I move out it needs to be in a new location, either Birmingham, Shrewsbury or who knows where. But I want to fully stand alone and enter a new location in my new adventure.