Yes I'm back discussing dating, and good old dating apps. Let's face it how else are you meant to meet anyone these days? It's so rare you'll get anyone say "oh yeah we met in the park, cafe, or on a night out." Don't worry it does happen just not so common sadly. It seems everyone is now heading to the dating app as a source of finding their next mr/mrs right. I love dating apps, I they're free (well some of them) easy to sign up to, and a quick and easy way to talk to guys you fancy! 

So in this post I wanted to discuss all the apps I use, for dating and friendships and how I use them to my advantage and what I like and dislike about each one. Remember you do not have to be in on a dating app to find someone for me personally I enjoy putting myself out there on these apps. 

First up let's discuss the main one, Tinder. I'm pretty sure everyone who is single has been, or is on Tinder. It's a app that's made a name for itself and people love it. For me I've been a active user on Tinder and I very much like the app. While it can be full of one too many fuck boys, there has been a number of success stories that have come from a number of couples on Tinder! I also met a boyfriend from there and we hit it off quite well! So what are the pros of Tinder?You can see a number of pictures of the other person, you get to see any metal friends/connections, their instagrams can be connected. I think the reason I like Tinder is because you get a lot of access to the other person before even exchanging any information. In the past I've been able to full on stalk a lad before we even exchanged a gif or a hello! 

And of course when it comes to dating you want to be able to local single people local to you. I've recently been looking into more local singles, with Shropshire Dating. For too long I've just took the apps but theres actually a wide range of the best dating sites online. After looking about I discovered that there is a range of sites and ways of locating local singles. Such as Essex singles, Sussex Singles, or even Oxford Singles. The problem with apps can be that they go off your distance this can result in you talking to people who may just be passing through and not actually live local. 


Bumble! Now Bumble is a more newer app to hit the dating scene. While it's very similar to Tinder with the swipe right and left. The difference is when you find a match only the girl can message first! the boy then has 24 hours to reply or you get unmatched! genius right! It's a great way to identify active users and not end up with loads of matches and never saying anything to each other! For me I've not had much success on the app, however there is a lot of good looking lads on there! Also if you aren't in the boat for dating you can also turn your Bumble to 'Bumble BFF' which allows you to match with girls and make friends! 


POF (plenty of fish) POF is a app that's pretty well know, but not a app many will want to admit to being on. I have to admit I've been on and off the app as it is full of all your typical cringe and creepy guys. on POF people can access your profile and message. Theres no boundaries really which is a reason why not many people enjoy the app. However the profile section is a lot more useless than other apps. You can really tell what the other person is after and even know how many kids their parents had if thats any use to you? 

Now while dating is all great, why not make friends too? like bumble offers Vina is a app for meeting girls and becoming friends! Vina is the latest app to allow you to make loads of new girly friends! I've been talking to a number of girls and their all so lovely! On Vina you get to take quiz's and discover what sort of attitudes and mind sets you have while making plans with your new gal pals! 

What apps do you use and what do you love about them?