If you're a long time reader of mine you'll know my love for Estee Lauder Double Wear. (a link to It's a foundation thats not cheap and not everyones cup of tea. For me once I discovered the foundation I've never turned back. While the only downside to the Estee Lauder foundation is; it's price (retailing for around £33.50), it's a bitch to get off, and it can also stain your clothes. However I feel these are the prices you have to pay to have flawless foundation that Double Wear provides. 

So when the hype of the new Primark foundation was making it's rounds, and that it was a dupe to my favourite foundation, of course I needed to try it. So I made my way to my local Primark where the beauty stand was surrounded by girls looking at all the foundations. It seems everyone and their sister, auntie, niece and mother had heard about the new foundation. I made my way in and to my bloody luck the last light shade which was left was mine. I grabbed the bottle and ran to the till. 

I was in luck to grab the last light shade as it seems the whole of Telford had bagged theres. To this day (three weeks later) they still only have the darker shades left in store. The following Monday it was time to put the foundation to the test. I left my Double Wear on my make up table and reached for my bottle from Primark. 


Firstly let's discuss the packaging. The design and bottle is very simple and similar to the Estee Lauder design, minus the gold lettering and gold top. I didn't like that it didn't have a pump, for me a foundation with no pump is sad because you'll end up it going all tits up the one day when waaaaaay too much spills out and your a bottle down every month. It was like the heavens had opened when Estee Lauder released the pump for double wear. It was a true game changer. 


Applying the foundation was very similar to the Double wear. I use a beauty blender/sponge/whatever you call yours. I was able to move the foundation across my skin smoothly however I did feel I had to spend a little more time on blending the product. But the colour match was so spot on and I'm still in between with Double wear on my perfect shade as it's hard to find/sells out. 

Once the foundation was on, I set it with my usual baby powder. (if you've never used baby powder before you need to it's a life saver!) Then off to work I went. The foundation was put on around 8:25am and by lunchtime 12:45pm I started to notice that the area around my nose/my cheek/under eye was slowly coming away. This has been an area I've always struggled to keep covered as many foundations just seem to fall away. So While I wasn't shocked by the loss of product to this area, I was disappointed it happened so soon into the day. 


By the end of the day I found my face to look patchy and very dried out. But also appear oily in some places too. While it says it's a matte finish I didn't really see that other than leaving dry patches but not leaving full coverage. As you can see from my nose in the first picture of my face that was to sort of 'look' which was left. I don't feel this is an appearance that may appear on everyone. My skin is very dry and my pores are huge on my nose so it does take the works of a £33 foundation to work magic in that area. However for the rest of my face I was happy with the appearance and the lasting through-out the day. 

For me I won't be ditching my Estee Lauder foundation as I feel the finish is a lot more flawless and the over all 'glow up' is spot on. While I will continue to use the Primark dupe but for my more quick, casual throw on days. As a side note if you are looking to buy Estee Lauder Double wear always check online by just typing it in google. Usually the shopping tab brings up all the results and will show you the cheapest, however I always but purchase mine when I have a trip to Cheshire Oaks, or Bicester. There you can get the foundation for £20-£23. a saving of £10!