April is here! Isn't it mad that we are already four months into this year and the weather is still god damn awful! It's meat to be spring for god sake, we've just had easter weekend with all the chocolate eggs in sight, and the daffodils are on their way (slowly but very surely!) Honestly the amount of shoot days I've planned to go to pot because of the rain is becoming a right pain in the bum! So with April here and being full of motivation I thought I'd share all my hopes and dreams and life goals I want to aim for in the month of April. Don't worry I'm not hoping to find mr perfect and get married this month, I'll give it a bit longer than a month for that one, haha. March was a month of ups and a lot more downs, but I'm on the positive route to sorting everything out. It's not something I want to touch on just yet but when I'm fully steady again I'l be sure to share everything with you all. 


So what do I want to achieve over April? Well first of all since I've upped my blog game again, and I'm officially in a routine and working with some amazing brands and really getting my blog back on top. I think it's time I invest in a photographer to take my photos! No not my flat lays! I'm actually pretty happy with how these have been turning out from my previous posts. But I really want to up my outfit shots, in the past I've been nagging friends and families to shoot me. Which of course isn't fun when friends just want to hang out but you're nagging them to shoot pretty pictures and "just one more" turns into 10 times more. So on Friday I'll be having my first shoot with a local photographer in Birmingham and I can't wait! I think shooting on a regular schedule will help me to keep my content going. I like to shoot in bulk so I'm prepared for a few weeks to come. 

I also think with shooting someone I don't know and getting comfortable with them, will allow me to develop my confidence some more. And of course shooting in Birmingham City Centre with all of the people will be a big challenge to take on. With exploring a more professional look into my images, I also want to look into getting a better camera. As much as I love my Canon EOS M and it's amazing quality for such a small camera I want to expand and get a higher quality camera for all my needs. While I having my own photo taken, I also love taking other peoples photos! You can follow my Photography Instagram where I post all my portraits I've taken of other people over the past few months. 


Get up early, this may be a very random goal but I've recently been freelancing with my blog which has been a dream to do for so long and I'm loving it but I feel like I need to set some work hours and wake up a bit earlier! Mainly because I hate going to the gym at lunch time and feeling like I've lost a huge chunk of the day! With this I want to continue to be more motivated in the gym. I'm one of them people that once I'm there I'm on a roll, you can't stop me from getting them gains. However anxiety always destroys me and stops me from going. I have had a number of occasions I've drove to the gym and sat in my car before driving home because I just beat myself up way too much. Being a bigger girl I feel like you're always being looked at in the gym like "why is she here" But that's not always the case. Luckily my gym as a women only section. Although I'm trying to be a lot more brave and go into the standard bit with all the men. For some reason I work a little harder in that section too, maybe it's the beautiful men that motivate me? And finally to round up my April goals I want to go on a weekend or day trip away! I'm really itching to get away at the minute and explore somewhere new! So I think this month I should aim to get a good deal to go somewhere for a day! 


Now you know my goals for the month I also wanted to share a little gem I found the other week when shooting with Kirsty! Shrewsbury is honestly becoming my new favourite place. To the point I've even started to look at places to rent there as I could see myself living there! The whole atmosphere and style of the buildings and look in Shrewsbury is so relaxing! mmm and all the food places available are to die for! I think I'm going to round up a little post on all my favourite little hidden gems I've discovered over the past few months! So while we was driving through the high street we spotted all the tropical leafs and a nice new sign. It was  Darwin Kitchen.  Formerly known a the Porter House, a make over has been done to create the new beautiful interior and shop front of the stunning restaurant and bar. The restaurant also as a hotel, which I'm actually considering booking as the rooms look so dreamy! 


Sadly we only had time for a quick drink as we got ourselves out of the rain, which of course just didn't want to stop! One of the girls told me they offer a cocktail in a skull glass. Now if you know me, you'll know I bloody love my skulls. So I instantly ordered it not knowing it was probably the strongest cocktail on the menu! It was called 'Survival Of The Fittest' and damn you need to be able to survive it! But I didn't have enjoy it! While we didn't have chance to try the food from the menu we knew we needed to come back just to try a selection of their 'small plates' I have to say the prices were also very reasonable! from the appearance and style of the restaurant you'd expect a lot more expensive prices! Of course I didn't taste the food but I bet it's worth every penny!