HAPPY FRIDAY! Don't you just love it when a week comes to an end and you can officially switch off and get ready for a weekend of plans and going out! This weekend I have no plans apart from a date tomorrow night. It's been a while since I've gone on a date. I seem to have put off the whole dating game as I just wasn't feeling it. For me I feel it's unfair to talk and get to know someone to lead to a date to not really be feeling it. I mean as soon as you go on that date you could be heading 1st class on the relationship train, which can be daunting and scary when you're single and not too bothered about being with someone. 

I think it's always good to step away from the dating game sometimes and just breathe, do you and you'll find yourself wanting to meet someone again. Also you need to consider the time you could spend and waste on a date. For me I always look to make sure I really like and want to meet someone before going on a date. There's nothing worse than going on a date and sitting there hating on life because they turn out to not look exactly as they looked or come across a bit creepy. I recently came across the 'Ask For Angela'  campaign. A Campaign for those who feel vulnerable in pubs and clubs to discreetly approach staff and request assistance. genius right? There's been many times where I've gone on a date and just wanted the world to swallow me up. But how many of us have the confidence / balls to turn around on a date and say we just ain't interested? 

Sadly, the 'Ask For Angela' is only available in certain parts of London at the moment (booo) But I definitely think it's a campaign that should be rolled out across the country. It can be hard to say no, or sit and pretend you like someone, so it's important to know that stuff like this is available. Online dating can be hard, you don't really know what you're getting yourself into, if the person is genuine or not. My number one rule before I go on any date is to find out what the other person is after. Whether it be a relations, casual, or just sex. It's best to be clear before your date turns from romantic to just a one night stand, or a romantic night and the guy just don't wanna know anything other than what pants you have on. Having a guy pay for the meal or whatever you do is all fun and games with free dating. But you need to be aware of the person and what they want. So next time you agree to a date, think about your surroundings what location are you meeting in, who knows what date you're on, and of course just be up front before you meet about what you both expect from the date. Don't ever go into a date blind.