I've been so busy recently with life, that blogging has been something I've had to squeeze in and when I can. Which isn't a lot of time when I leave the house at 5am, and by 4:30pm I'm knackered and ready for bed and my soaps. I had some time out of work last month which allowed me to really jump into my blog, which I loved butI also learnt the whole freelance life isn't for me. I think I realised, I'm actually a people person and I like to interact and meet new people daily. Not just blogging events. 

Anyway here I am now back as a Visual Merchandiser and really enjoying my work life again.It's been a really difficult year so far but I think the ending is going to be amazing. Dating has been a huge topic on my blog recently purely because I'm single and I feel it's something that gets made to be so important when you're reaching your mid-twenties. HOWEVER I've learnt to embrace my freedom of being single and made some serious life choices. 

So what's the crack I bet you'll be asking. Sadly I've not been seeing anyone. I've had the big build up to the dates then realised they just weren't for me and to waste my time on the date, I just wasn't willing to do. I actually prefer to stay away from lads my local town. When online dating that can be a challenge as it all goes on distance and km/miles. I was recently talking to a lad and we arranged the date and everything until he became way too clingy to the point he was talking about quitting his job for me. Now I love a lad that puts in effort for me, but damn don't bend over backwards for a girl you've not even met yet. With wanting to expand on my choices I decided to look elsewhere such as Aberdeen Singles. I really want to explore further afield and I feel Aberdeen dating could be a good laugh!

I've had a number of boyfriends which have been long distance, now don't get me wrong I don't openly only go for guys that are miles away. But the whole going away for the weekend and the effort to see one another being so much more special was always my favourite part of a long distance relationship. It makes the time you do spend together so much more special and important that the relationships almost seem stronger. So why not go dating in Aberdeen? or maybe even get a London boyfriend. The options are endless. I also want to make a point that just because a person isn't local or just down the road doesn't mean it couldn't work. hey sometimes distance makes the heart grow?