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Being a blogger you'll find yourself gathering all of the samples from brands who are hoping you'll make the purchase. The thing about being a blogger is brands are a lot more open to sending you samples, or even full price products, as they know to well you have a voice. These days magazine are dying down and it's all about what your favourite blogger is doing/using/wearing. 

For this reason, it makes perfect sense to get your hands on free samples. If you are a new blogger / a bit stuck to how to connect and get a few free samples. It might surprise you to know that it is possible. The manufacturers of these perfumes/products do often make available free samples and units for testers to try and then the manufacturer will use that to promote their product. Once you've tried several and found the one that blows your mind enough to buy it.

Where Can You Get These Free Samples?

The manufacturers will make free samples available because they know that once you find the one you like you'll buy it. This also benefits the brand/buyer because they can try the different scents that are available to find the one they like before buying a bottle of it. This makes it easier for the brand/buyer and even builds trust in the manufacturer because the buyer appreciates that they were able to try it before purchasing.  You can often find these free samples by simply going to the brand ’s website where they often make these free samples available by mail. There are also sites that have these type of samples offered for free.

How Can You Get The Free Samples?

There are a lot of options available when wanting to try fragrances. Magazines will often have the scent of the perfume available on a page that is advertising it. This use to be my favourite way to gather scent samples for my handbag! It's possible to go to the shopping centre and into one of the stores that sell beauty products and try out the different perfumes there. The only problem with these methods is the fact that you're often left confused and unsure which perfume you liked. This problem is avoided by ordering a sample to be delivered to your home. It can be done in just a few clicks. You will want to do a search online for the top 10 perfumes and look for reviews. This will give you access to new products that are being promoted and also gives you a chance to read reviews of those who tried it. Often you will find on the same sites a link where you can order free samples. Once you click on the link then the information will be available on how to order those samples. You'll need to have the name of the scent available for the form and you'll need to include your personal details including your home address, and email address, a contact number, and your gender. Once you completed the form, then you just continue following the directions for the additional steps and then click on the button to submit your information. You can also go to the website of the brand that you're interested in and look for a button that says samples. Once you click on that button then you'll be taking to the page that allows you to fill out their form.

You might be surprised but even the most popular perfume for women or cologne for men may not be a scent you find appealing. This is one of the main reasons why you don't want to spend money if the perfume isn't something you like. For this reason, you will find it very useful to try out the different scents before spending your money. It's very easy to fill out the form and request the free samples you're interested in and they will then be delivered to your doorstep. You'll get to enjoy a small sampling of the fragrance for free and determine which one that you like before taking any money out of your pocket.

Here Are A Couple Of The Freebie Sites Where You Can Get Free Perfume Samples From:

1.  Freebie Site UK

Even if you've never looked for these freebies online you'll be delighted to find that they're readily available. Freebie Site UK is one of the oldest sites online and launched in 1999. The site provides free items that are offered by the companies instead of ones that are offered by the public. They have a lot of free offers that go beyond just fragrances and include cereal and other things. They have a rating system where users can rate each freebie they try. Reading these can give viewers a chance to see what others think of the product before trying it themselves. 

2.  WOW Free Stuff

WOW Freebies offers over 800 different items for free. It has five or more freebies on the site each day and part of the excitement is finding what's new there. The site offers everything from toys to shampoo and from toiletries to chocolate. They also give a lot of advice on how to get free offers and even an app so that you can keep up with what freebies are available.