For me I've always been very open when it comes to sex. Why not? what's so bad about admitting you like a bit of hanky panky, maybe doggy takes your fancy or you just enjoy a good bit of foreplay. Sometimes it can be a struggle to discuss sex with friends and even family. But when it comes to meeting someone new it can be important to make it clear exactly what it is you're after. I always like to ask lads before we even go too far what it is their after. Relationship? or just sex? 

Luckily there are now a number of sex dating sites, which manage to narrow down the men to see who is just after a cheeky one night fling and the guys who want to steal your heart. I personally have never been on just sex dating sites/ adult dating sites/apps. I don't mind a cheeky one night stand. If you have needs and someone fancies satisfying you, why stop them right? However I do have to point out I don't respect lads that try to have girls on the sides to their girlfriends. If you are currently seeing someone with another partner stop right now, you deserve to be steak, not a Big Mac. Satisfying but never as good as a steak. (sorry to any veggies) 

Isn't it just bloody smashing when you're on a date, it's going well, the drinks are flowing, he's fit,  his banter is that top notch that he may aswell ask you to be his wifey because you are already obsessed with the man. However the night draws closer and closer to a end. Isn't is magical when you can be with someone and never want the day to end? So he asks - "Do you wanna come back to mine?" 

It's one of the first questions you get asked when you discuss the aftermath of the date with your mates, "what happened? Did you kiss? did you go back to his?" Everyone is so curious to know more and be nosey on all of the dates events. Sadly the reality of this is so they are able to then judge you on your actions. Even your mates. 2018 and women are still the more judged sex for their actions when it comes to sleeping around or being a bit of a flirt. Let's admit it. If a lad is a right flirt, he's seen as cheeky, a laugh even friendly. However for a girl to be a little flirty it's then seen as she's desperate, a slut, what a whore. Why are the same actions seen so differently for the opposit sexes? 


For me I've come to terms with being open and being single is all about having some fun. I went on a date with a guy and I really didn't feel the spark. However we had some fun and still talk from time to time now. I think it's about time girls stopped being so scared of the opinions that may follow and embrace the one night stands, be proud to get a little horny some times. It's life. it's sex. Of course as you can see from the images I like to have a good old laugh when it comes to sex and foreplay. I love the very wide selection of lubes and massage oils Roomantics have available. 

But always be save and use protection. I came off the pill over a year ago now and you can read my post here. But I now always have some condoms on me from now on. (let's facet lads never have them even though it's for their bloody willy) Don't be ashamed to go to ASDA and buy some condoms.