One thing I noticed when I was last blogging was I wasn't talking enough about fashion. My blog use to be mainly fashion based. While I love discussing dating and all my ups and downs of being single I miss the old blog style of just writing a whole post on my look and why I picked each item to go with each other. I think the reason I fell out of love with blogging was because I wasn't doing what made me happy. 

So let's write a whole post about this outfit yeah? So first off let's discuss the fact that these joggers are actually mens. Yes mens from the sports/gym range. Oh and they only cost me £9. Yes £9 bloody British pounds. I've honestly just lived in them since buying them. For some time now I've wanted some joggers that I could throw on but still look chic and sassy as F. I mainly got the inspiration for this look from Sophia & Cinzia. If you've never heard of them please watch their youtube, you'll gain two new besties. But honestly these girls recently have been the real reason for all my Inspiration when it comes to all things white, nude, chic and just pure bomb. 


Now for the body, I've been hunting down all my summer holiday tops and this was actually one from Primark. Although it's now been worn a handful of times as it's becoming a key piece within my wardrobe. I know a lot of people hate leopard print. But I think because I wear so much black, the print is such a great mix up to add a bit of sass and edge to the outfit. Hopefully without looking cheap and tacky.  Oh and only £5 girls! Oh and throw this one in too, so god damn comfy!

Now for the bag, Basket/straw bags are so popular at the moment and you can see why. I use to hate structured bags, I loved big sloppy loose bags. But when it comes to a chic basket bag you can't beat a bold shape to stand out from the outfit. I brought the popular Zara mini basket bag. However it's just far too small. So I opted for this little beauty which was only £18! Sadly I can't find it online anymore but they still have the normal shade. I love how I was able to add the casual boho feel of the bag with the edgy sport look to make this look alcove together, and well in my eyes work for a casual throw on and go look.