Well, it's been a while hasn't it. Let's just say 2018 hasn't planned out like I wanted it to. The past month I've had to take a step back from my blog and social media in general to focus on myself and what it is I'm doing. So as a fresh start to pick up my blog again I decided to lay out the past few months and be open and honest. But also to discuss the future and everything I have planned for the rest of this year. 

If you follow me on instagram or twitter you may know about my choice to leave Riverisland at the start of the year. This decision was a long time coming after 14 months of dreading work, wondering what shitty comment would be directed at me that day. It's safe to say my experience at the company was nothing but awful. I'd left my job of 4 years at H&M to work for Riverisland as I saw it as a step up, being a more premium high street brand. But it was nothing more than a downgrade. Having 4 years of management/visual merchandising experience I knew what was right and wrong. Over all my time at Riverisland was unpleasant and I felt like I lost all my hard work I'd built up from my previous role. It all came to a head at the end of December when I decided enough was enough. I wasn't going to put up with being treated like shit, or being treated differently. My notice was handed in and I cannot express the happiness and relief  I felt from knowing the new year would be a fresh start away from all the stress and unhappiness I felt from such a simple job role. 

Now only issue was I'd left the job not having a new job to walk into. A BIG RISK. But I took the risk and within 2 weeks of my notice I managed to land a new job. The job was tele-sales / social media manager. My blog had got me really interested in social media and PR so this was a role I'd always wanted to give a whirl and try. However with the role involving half social media and half telesales it just wasn't the role for me. I hated answering the phone to my mates, never mind ringing up and stranger and trying to sell them a product. So this job wasn't for me, & only lasted 2 months. Leaving this job put a huge stress into my life as I was jobless and honestly didn't know what I was doing with my life. I spent everyday crying stressing about money, and what I was gonna do. With having this free time I decided to take on the role of freelance with my blog. I'd done it previously years ago and made some decent cash. I knew I would be able to cover my bills from my blog while I looked for another job. 

So for 2 months I then took on the freelance blogger life. I did alright, I had better days where I was content and felt confident in pulling in the income to support myself. But the stress you also felt from not knowing what work you'd get in that week was always a worry in the back of my mind. I was proud fo the income I made. I had a lot of people direct message me about my instagram posts as these were my main income over the few weeks. I do plan on doing a post about how to get paid Instagram work and all my tips and tricks but first I wanna find my feet with the balance of my blog and work again. By leaving two jobs I was able to put myself first and take a risk. I'm still young and didn't want to put up with the negative and horrible experiences I was being put up with. 

So where am I at now? WELL I'm back at H&M I left H&M originally for the wrong reasons. But I started H&M when I was 18, which seems so long ago. I'm now 23 and I feel like my whole attitude has changed. For me going to another retailer also made me see the good within the company which I took for granted. H&M put a lot of time and money into my career to progress and become a Visual merchandiser. And I feel I took it for granted. But I'm finally back in the company and it honestly feels so good to be excited for work again, and be at work and enjoy what you're doing, while being surrounded by a team who are all one team. 

So here I am, back as a Visual Merchandiser, still single sadly. (what can I say I just can't find a man to entertain me) I'm still on all my dating sites and adult dating sites I'll be sure to update you my dating stories in the next few weeks. dating has become a huge interest I've found in you guys which is amazing and I'm loving being single and in and out of the dating game. And to be able to share and laugh about it all means the world to me. But I feel good about the rest of the year. I have a few trips planned, and also the opportunity to move forward and progress further with my career at H&M.But a big part of me is my blog and I want to get that back into my daily routine. I've barely used instagram  the past month which is not like me! So prepare to be bombarded with new posts and a lot more instagram content! 

And to end the catch up I do want to say thank you to the people who have continued to support me and message me to say they've missed my stuff on their feed! But I'm back!