These days everyone is too quick to say everything they hate about their size. I do it myself, I look in the mirror and the first thought isn't oh yeah that skirt really makes my waist look good. It's the horrible cellulite on my thighs that instantly take over the whole reflection in the mirror. There is way too much focus on improving and changing ourselves to find happiness. I think with the recent release of the new Netflix show featuring Debbie Ryan 'Insattiable', it's really put into perspective of how our society works and how we are constantly made to feel like you can't be happy unless you loose weight or make the changes. But I feel so proud to see how society is also changing that the show hasn't even been aired yet and everyone has gone into a outrage and created petitions to stop the show from going ahead. (feel free to sign the petition if you agree) 


So with this recent topic arising. I thought I'd talk about everything I love about my body and me, and hopefully encourage you guys to do the same. even it's just you going in front of that mirror and saying you like something about yourself. You are till loving yourself. So let's get into the vain post all about moi. So first of all I love my hair, (minus the photo's in this post I was due new extensions) but I love my hair because I do all my hair myself and it's something I always get complimented on. To of not done any qualifications for hairdressing other than the odd youtube video. I learn't it all from trial and error and I'm proud of it. I also love that I've learn't to love my natural colour over the past three years and it's something I'm looking at going all over. I use to hate being a ginger when I was younger. I think because gingers are usually seen as a piss take. Why I don't really understand now I'm older. If anything my roots just get all the compliments because it's "such a lovely colour"  so if you're a young ginger, don't worry you'll be classed as a precious gem when you're older. 



Next up is actually my waist. While I'd love to be a few sizes smaller and not as curvy as I am. I actually love my main curve of my hips and waist. I love that I have a smaller waist and big hips. It can be a struggle when it comes to buying clothes, like got damn the struggle of having a huge ass then a small waist. It is hard. to compare - I have a 16/18 bum/hips, however my waist is easily a 10/12. But I love my body shape. I love that I've learnt to embrace my smaller waist and work to embrace my curves in the right places. 


My tattoos - while  I guess it's not a natural part of my body, but my tattoos are something I look at and love to embrace. They've become apart of my look, they all also mean something important to me. They've become apart of my identification. There's still a huge audience out there that don't like girls with tattoos, but this is again something to do with the whole only men should have them, and for them to be seen as a very masculine detail. However I'll let you know I've not had one lad tell me they are "unattractive" Tattoos aren't for everyone, and that's perfectly fine. But for me they make me, me, and remember some important moments in my life. 

Boobs, tits, jugs, melons. I love mine. Yes I love my breasts. I have to admit I feel I have a cracking pair. I've worked hard to make sure they stay perky and Generally I don't feel their too big or too small. a good amount. they don't get in the way. They can sometimes be too big when it comes to fitting into pieces of clothing. They have stretch marks on them, but so what? it's natural. I still love them. But in general they don't cause me any hassle and I genuinely just get on well with my boobies. We have a good relationship. And this is something you should feel towards your body. It doesn't matter if something isn't 100% perfect, you won't find that. Even all the instagram girls have faults to their assets they are showing off. You don't know what's been photoshopped out, or is hidden by the position they always pull, which you may just think is their fav, but could just be hiding their insecurity. Even your favourite part of your body will have a fault, it doesn't make it unworthy though. 


Being a size 16/18. While you'd probably think it would be a struggle to be a size 16/18 and there is. It's actually not all that bad. These days a size 16/18 is now being introduced into more brands that a few years ago stopped at a 12 or 14. There is also a wide range of plus size brand available, allow all us curvy girls to be in with the trends despite not being the typical size curve on the high street. But I guess from personally is I'm able to fit into both sections sometimes I can squeeze into a size 14, then sometimes I'll need a size 20. It's all hit and miss but I feel I have a wide option of choices and don't genuinely feel I have to struggle when it comes to buying clothes. If I like a trend I'll be able to make different pieces work for me. Oh and when it comes to sale shopping most size 16/18 are always left (winner!) 


so that's it. a little positivity post all about the parts of my body I do love. don't worry it doesn't mean, I hate the rest of me, just these parts are my favs. so if you're ever looking in the mirror and having a shit time, look at them best parts of you and love them, you'll slowly learn to add to the list and love the rest of yourself.