Long time no see, I have to admit I've really not had the passion or motivation to write anymore. it's mad because this use to be my little corner of the internet I'd share everything and I'd even have my friends talk to me about my blog posts, because my blog probably knew more than them. Sadly I've stepped away and I feel I've almost fell into the whole instagram take over. In which bloggers rarely blog/write anymore and would rather just post a picture and a lengthy caption to the gram. 

However here I am attempting to chat a load of crap and share with you my recent holiday to Mallorca or shall we say MAGA-F**KING-LUF yes I know the shame, the oh my god is she serious? Well yes. Me and my bestie decided back in February to book our annual holibob to bloody Magaluf. To our surprise and I'm sure from looking at the above pictures it actually wasn't that bad. Well to what I was expecting after watching a number of episodes on SUN,SEX AND SUSPICIOUS PARENTS. 

We stayed at the hotel Globales Honolulu which over all was a great hotel, and we hit lucky with our room, being a sea view, with one of the big balcony's that the hotel offered. the only issue we had was that because we was on the side of the hotel we was also right by another hotel. which was definitely a more party hotel. Our hotel was a 16+ Adults only, however it was pretty chill there was a good mixture of young and old, couples, lads hols, and girls hols. And over all I only had one night where I couldn't sleep. The location of the hotel was also spot on, a 5 minute walk to the beach, and a 2 minute watch to the main strip. The only issue was the dreaded hill in which the hotel sat on. Oh and it's name is called "heart attack hill" and we had to do this everyday, and every night. However tip get drunk because going up it drunk was so much easier than sober. But over all I'd give our hotel a 8/10. 

So what did we get up to while there? most days were spent sun bathing, in the pool and going down the beach. we then explored Palma, and Palma Nova, and went to a water park. However the days were for chilling and really relaxing and having a few naps through-out the day. So what about the night life? Magaluf is known for it's night life, however since a few years ago and that famous article about he 25 blow jobs it's save to say Magaluf is a changed strip. I was expecting to see so many sights and be like wtf am I doing here. But I can say if you're after a not too mental first girls/boys holiday I'd actually recommend Magaluf. It isn't too mad, or your typical cringe "get ya tits out girls" holiday destination anymore. When we arrived the reps told us how much Magaluf has changed and how much the locals, and police have cracked down. This was shown through out the holiday as anyone kicked off security were there, you talked to anyone likes shit you were thrown out. It was nice to see this and how much the place had changed from all the horror stories I'd heard. We only went out about 3/4 nights we to be honest, we are getting old we can't hack the night life. 

When I was planning my trip I was told it was really expensive over there, this is not true. There will be the odd restaurant which is expensive but it depends where you wanna eat. We found a lot of our food restaurants of choice down on the Magaluf beach front. When it came for drinks, pre drink on your balcony is just like a standard thing to do. However if you don't want to stay in and you want to hit up the strip asap, walk the strip and get the best deal from the people in the strip. You will have endless lads and girls coming up to you offering you drinks offers to get you into the club, grumble for your favourite drink for dirt cheap and head on in. Most bars, also offer unlimited bar after entry fee. Which overall ends up being worth it. For the first time I actually came back with euros. However I'm super regretting not using it as converting it back to GBP was a waste of money. 

Over all I'd give Magaluf a 8/10 Loved being away in the sun. as it was my first sun holiday in years. But I think for me I'm ready to hang up my party pants and just have a 100% relaxation holiday. But Magaluf was clean, tame and genuinely a lovely little island for a week away with the bestie with laughs and sights. 

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