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When it comes to being a blogger / instagrammer you find yourself looking for more prettier locations, or just constantly having a more open mind to certain views you see-day-to-day. For me now I end up looking at walls, street corners, restaurants, food, yeah pretty much everything and thinking about how I could shoot a outfit in a certain location, or how instagram a certain location is. perfect to upload to my insta-story for my followers to see what I’m getting up to today. I recently did a poll on whether you guys wanted to see more “foodie reviews” and more “out and about” content from me. And you all agreed apart from like 7% which is fine. Not everyone is going to like change or every subject I discuss. But I want to add these extra topics to allow myself and m content to grow Plus who doesn’t enjoy seeing good food anyway?

So I thought i’d share a few tips and tricks to how I find all my instagram spots when it comes down to food… I like to use squaremeal this website allows you to search for a certain venue, whether it be private dining, or just a local pub to pop on down to and enjoy a few drinks. Along with being a restaurant dictionary it also offers a range of offers for certain restaurants that are available, even better that you can even save a few pounds, while putting on the pounds. haha

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Next, my favourite way to discover new places, has to be of course by scrolling through INSTAGRAM. On the app you will find millions, and millions of hashtags that will allow you to then discover even more outfits, food, cute pictures of dogs. For me whenever I plan on going to a new location, or my favourite London. I like to explore and search for a new pace to eat at. For me this is mainly every time I go to London. the city is so big, why not try a new meal every time you’re down there? I usually check out my favourite bloggers, see where they’ve been recently. Then I go onto the locations, see what’s tagged. Some of the top picks for London is - Peggy Porschens / DOUGHNUT TIME / GRIND / SKETCH all of these are your typical instagram hangout. be sure to turn up and wait for a table as customers will be taking their time as they will be paying the awful prices in hope of getting that perfect insta shot. I recently found a few local insta spots in my local area, But this again I used instagram. One of my favourite local bloggers shared a shot, and there you go I had to go to get my very own insta worthy shot in the most beautiful bathroom around. For me, when I’m out and about, it’s about finding the beauty in the worst locations. A lot of my outfit shots are taken down dodgy lanes, and street corners. Which are sure to be covered in rubbish and piss. But I make it all work for the gram.

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