When it comes to making your future the best it can be. You have to plan ahead. For me it’s all about gathering that inspiration and little details that you’ll need for your future event/wedding/party. If you head on over to Pinterest you’ll be flooded with hundreds and hundreds of images, and ideas for any occasion. Honestly, you’ll get lost in it all. So I decided to put together a little guide to how I create all my inspiration for my big events. First up.. one of the biggest days of the my life that is due to happen in the future! MY DREAM WEDDING!


So let’s discuss the dress, It’s safe to say my idea of my dream dress has soon changed over the years. isn’t it mad how you start out as a little girl, dreaming of this big puffy pink dress, like seriously the ultimate princess barbie dress. However now all i’m thinking about is the most classy silk lace number, which will be perfect for my dream day. above you can see my current inspiration I’m going for when it comes to finding my dream dress for my perfect day. Now I want a more subtle classy dress, I’m thinking off the shoulder, all lace long sleeves, beautiful details when it comes to the beading and the lace pattern. Then ombre into a silk mermaid cut tail. Oh I have it all in my head and I’m so excited to finally wear it one day. While I’ve dreamed of the day of going wedding dress shopping. I actually think I may have to make my own dress to just be that bit extra and more unique on my wedding day. Also it’s one of a kind. that can then be passed down the generations.

Screenshot 2019-01-20 at 09.20.35.png

First up is my dream location… I’ve already got my heart set on my dream location for my favourite day of my life and that is Botleys Mansion When it comes to a typical wedding, Most people will go for the church, then go elsewhere for the reception. However for me this isn’t something I have in mind for my dream day. Instead the Botley’s mansion ticks all the boxes for me when it comes to having all the right architecture, and little details I could ever want. I’m literally obsessed with main ball room and widow ceiling. Honestly think about how much of a dream this location would be in the summer, the room filled with flowers and glitter. *ohhh I can see it all now* Of course finding the the perfect location is all great, but it mainly comes down to how you make it your own. I like to make everything my own. I do this by being different with my style, to the little details within the invitations. While this all makes an impression on other people such as your guests, I think it also allows you to remember the day. At the end of the day it’s your memories you're making the day for, not the guests.


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