When big events take place in your life, you want them to be memorable. You want to leave a memory for people to look back on, or share because of how good it really was. Well here is my little old post all about how I take it in my hands to do so. Sometimes you don’t actually realise that it’s not all about going all out and having the biggest or the best accessories to an event. but actually them little details that end up making it your own. For me I love to be quirky. If I have to go and buy a bit of PVA glue to be a bit crafty got i’ll do it to be a bit more out side the box. Because it’s actually them little details that stand out against the massive elephants in the room.

So let's talk birthdays... Who actually has a birthday party anymore? unless you're meeting the golden celebration ages... then yeah, you throw that god damn party and you act like it's your sweet sixteen. And if so...well why not add confetti into the mix. All seriousness who else is actually obsessed with the confetti balloons you can get? Like they are so cute and unique. They also get used for a number of celebrations..such as, gender reveals, weddings, name it the balloon has probably been in shot at one of them events.

Now for weddings, who doesn't love a good wedding...weddings are always so bloody pretty, white and always have a colour scheme....although some people allow their wedding to just speak volumes and be a bit over the shop. But again that has made that wedding stand out and be its own. And sure to of left a few memories for some of the guests. For me weddings have to be unique. I wanna see a personalised place mat, or name place, I want he flowers of my table to look pretty for my insta story shot. Yes it's the bride and grooms day....but I also need to get my insta shot. Am I right? When I went to one of my close friends weddings, they had a photo-booth...oh yes that little box of enjoyment at any event. This is something that I feel all events should now have. I mean bloody urban outfitters and topshop have one.

But it's these little details that allow the guest to remember the day, but also the actual chance to take away an instant photo from the day, then leads to even more enjoyment. You almost want to use your wedding day as an advertisement to how cool you are, and how all of your dreams and ideas have finally come to life, because you've now married the man of your dreams.

So like that old quote goes...throw confetti everywhere, and make your events unique and special. because you want it to be a day to never, ever forget.


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