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As you get older you find yourself dreaming of and asking for different things from when you was younger and it was all about getting new clothes, or going out drinking. With my recent birthday just gone, and of course with the new year now here it’s time to get a lot more serious. I’m twenty four now. It’s time to get my ideas together and decide what do I hope to achieve in the next 5-10 years. this can sometimes be a very scary thought, like what could actually happen in 5 - 10 years. But for me this is something I want to think about and plan for.

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Something that is on my to-do list for the next 5-10 years is to have my own place. this is something I’ve discussed before. However this year I think is the year I at least move out and get a flat or move in with a friend. I’ve gotten to that point where living at home just is more of pain in the ass than a breeze. So making this goal happen is something I need to work on this year. But hey let’s also hope I can win the lottery and just be able to buy my dream home. oh the dream…

But for now…I’ve teamed up with the guys at Corian Countertops also known as Premier Surfaces to share with you a few of my favourite designs and inspirations that I’ll be taking with me into my future home. “Premier Surfaces is the nation’s largest fabricator and installer of custom countertops and surfaces. With 17 locations in 10 states and an unmatched selection of high-quality materials–including quartz and natural stone, engineered marble, and solid surface and specialty materials–Premier has the product range, resources and national infrastructure to efficiently meet the needs of virtually any residential or commercial client. From countertops and commercial surfaces, to facades and flooring, Premier is a proven, reliable, and responsive partner. Today, Premier has firmly established itself as the market-leading provider for single-family and multifamily residential projects, as well as a wide range of commercial applications in everything from hospitality and healthcare, to office and higher education. Premier has been fabricating and installing custom-designed countertops and surfaces for more than 30 years, a legacy of craftsmanship, personal service and demonstrated expertise that has established an outstanding reputation across the industry. A significant portion of Premier’s continuing growth is attributed to referrals and recommendations from satisfied clients and professional partners.”

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If you’re like me and you love marble or something very subtle and stylish you’ll be wanting a Quartz work surface. The perks of a Quartz work surface? Quartz boasts a high resistance to stains, scratches and heat. Because Quartz is composed partially of resins and partially of stone-like products, there color and style choices are extensive, and each countertop has a different end look and feel.

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And of course for all you natural only the best, I’m obsessed with the originals. you won’t find another work surface like it because it’s the real deal. Premier Surfaces offer a range surfaces from marble, granite, limestone, soapstone and quartzite. So if you’re after your kitchen looking unique and no one ver being able to have the same as you, the natural sone is definitely the option for you!

Once you’ve picked your ultimate stone/surface ou can then begin to look at what colour to go for! I’m personally obsessed with the shade “London Sky” it’s the ultimate white tone perfect to brighten up any room.

So there a few of my favourite designs. call me a typical blogger but I love marble. I’m one of them people that if I even see it in a restaurant I get excited and would probably eat in a place just for the marble tables in hope of getting the perfect insta shot! I know that’s awful. But it’s exactly that love of a surface which decides what I now want in my future home. But of course a kitchen isn’t complete without the accessories…but most importantly a gold tap!


If you’ve not been on Pinterest over the past few years, I guess you won’t of seen all of the beautiful images of the beautiful gold taps. You could literally have an all white kitchen, then pop in a gold tap and BAM, chic and beautiful all with one piece. It’s amazing how looking at these little details can really bring a room alive. I really enjoyed putting this post together for you guys, and I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at some of my inspiration for my future home. If you’d like some more inspiration on what you could create for your future kitchen / home head on over to Premier Surfaces.

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