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Some people would say why stop dating just because it’s your birthday, or it’s Christmas or just in general any occasion where life is just getting that little bit more busy! Well there’s no reason at all to put your tinder crush on pause. If anything this time of year is probably the perfect time to get on your dating apps and find yourself a winter warmer for all of the festivities. I’m very guilty of switching off and ignoring messages when life starts to get busy. I’m also very career driven so when work is heavy, I zone out of my personal life. Which is something that I really hate. I think the reason I spend such long periods single is because I let my life of work and my blog sometimes take over. However the end goal is to be with someone in a pretty house with kids, so why haven’t I been making this more of a focus in my life?

This Christmas I’ve decided to throw myself into dating and get on board with all the Christmas spirit but hopefully with a date on my side. This year I’ve already ticked off going for cocktails, food and German market. All three your usual classic dates for this time of year. I mean food, alcohol and a Christmas market what more could you ask for? So how do I find men? the major question that always gets asked by us single ladies… Well I recently discovered you can still meet people in person, but also aside from dating app, your usual day-day social medial platforms are also a great way to check someone out. I recently had a guy follow me on instagram and we got chatting. Sadly he lived far away so it made the whole “lets meet up” turn into lets plan a weekend where I come up and have to stay due to distance. Which in the long run is a lot of effort for a relationship which may not work out.

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INSTAGRAM - send a few cheeky hearts to a guy you fancy. Make sly interactions towards each other, reply to their story with a funny comment. GET SLIDING INTO HIS DM’S before he beats you to it! but one tip I’ve learnt from dating- you’ll get a better conversation from a lad if you start the conversation first. lads love a girl that will take control.

TINDER / BUMBLE / ETC - Your dating app of course are the easiest way to meet people, hopefully everyone is on there for the same reason, so start conversation, improve your bio, constantly keep your profile updated. I still see lads on my apps that have been on there from 3 years ago when I first joined before my ex that still use the same photo. Keep it fresh and don’t be scared to take the first step.

DATING WEBSITES - Along side apps, there is also website that are probably your next step if you’re real serious and a bit sick of talking to fuck boys on tinder. These can be filtered down to your area also such as edinburgh dating this can filter down all the lads that pass by and match you when in reality they actually live 100 miles away. Thanks, but no thanks hun, I need a boo 5 minutes away for all the attention I need.

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