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You know when you book your sun holiday and you're all excited, can't wait to be on the beach with a cocktail in hand? Yeah them dreamy thoughts. Well isn't it crap when them thoughts come crashing down, when you realise your body and booty is not ready for the beach, not one bloody bit. So you quickly hunt out your gym gear and get your ass to the gym! For me I like to be motivated to go to the gym. May it be that I strict myself to I can only watch my youtube at the gym, or may it be new clothes? I put myself on a clothing ban when I first went back to gym because I wanted to refuse to by my size and go for the next size down when it came to buying new clothes. Setting all these clothes are great ways of motivating you to get to gym and work out! 

Of course it can be hard to not be clothes, it is a slight addiction. So to ease the loss why not buy new gym clothes? There's nothing better than going to the gym and feeling good in your new leggings, bra or trainers. I've got my eye on all of the above especially the beaut Adidas trainers which are the dreamiest nude ever! Luckily on I've managed to find a new vouchers/codes to save me some money to encourage me to loose pounds by getting some new Adidas gear! They've got discount codes on items such as gym bags, trainers, and clothing! 

At the moment I'm really embracing all things nude, I feel like it's my new go to colour (apart from Black) Which is what inspired this Wishlist an the over all gym look of choice. I added the basic black sports bra to pop out at the top and below to add that look of layers and I think it worked really well. I hope you enjoyed this style of Wishlist as I'm trying to explore all types of wish lists.